Convent of Sant Agustí / Escola Pia

The Sant Agustí convent (Saint Augustine) of Igualada was founded by Augustinian friars in 1393, where there was a chapel. It was a convent until 1835 and, twenty years later, the Piarists moved there, where they still have the current Pious School of Igualada. The adjacent church, with the title of sanctuary, is consecrated to the Mare de Déu de la Pietat (Our Lady of Piety), co-patron saint of the city, and it was built around 1780.

The key architectural piece of the ensemble is the Renaissance cloister, of Italianising influence, of trapezoidal plant and two floors. It was built between 1612 and 1670. At the centre of each of the wings there is a crest surrounded by a date, which would correspond to the year of construction.

It is considered one of the main monuments of the capital of Anoia.

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