Sant Pere de Matamargó

Known as La Catedral dels Pagesos (the Cathedral of the Farmers), this church located at an end of the municipality of Pinós preserves one of the most splendid secrets of Solsonès. On the inside (monumental, taking into account the population spread out in the houses a few kilometres around), there are five Baroque altarpieces preserved, four of which from the Pujol family. This is why some have baptised it “the Pujol cathedral”.

The only altarpiece that can be attributed to the the family from Gurb is that of the Crucifixion (c. 1682), located in the first chapel on the right side. In front of it, there is the Rosary altar piece (1730), made by Segimon Pujol, gilded almost ninety years later. The other two lateral chapels have, one in front of the other, the altarpieces of Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Isidore, both dating back to 1789. If the Rosary altarpiece was of narrative style and has been preserves without any losses, these two are Neoclassic with Baroque traits and the sculptures that framed them were lost during the Spanish Civil War.

However, the truly impressive altarpiece of the temple is that of the main altar, made by Josep Pujol I Juhí, dating back to 1794. Dominated by the image of Saint Peter, patron of the parish, its figure appears surrounded by the four evangelists, the apostles and Saint Paul, in a pyramidal disposition full of dynamism.

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