Patronat de la Fundació Espurnes Barroques.

Equip de gestió d'Espurnes Barroques.

The objective of the Fundació Espurnes Barroques. Música i experències al Territori Barroc (Baroque Sparks Foundation. Music and experiences in the Baroque Territory) is to create, develop, promote and disseminate activities and proposals in all cultural fields, specially in the musical field and particularly focused in the Baroque period. With these actions, the aim is to place emphasis on the integral promotion of the territory in which the foundation works, with a clear vocation to reach different collectives that, because of their location, cannot access all these activities easily.
Based in Santuari del Miracle, in the Riner municipality, the Fundació Espurnes Barroques aims to comprehensively invigorate the rural environment of some twenty small municipalities of Solsonès, Bages, Anoia and Segarra that have preserved an important and singular Baroque legacy.